Food and Equipment Solutions to Build a Better Game Day Menu

Profit margins are often squeezed in the foodservice and restaurant industries, so it's important to capitalize on every opportunity. One of the biggest profit-makers can be game days, especially in the fall.

The opportunity exists in the fact that bars and restaurants have captive audiences when crowds gather to watch the big game on an even bigger HD TV. People stay for hours, continuously ordering food and drinks that can generate revenue. Maximizing profit, however, involves menu development and execution. Restaurants and sports pubs must have a strong gameday menu that lines up with the appetites of the vast majority of sports fans. This means serving delicious wings, cold beer, and tasty cocktails.

All Things Wings

When people think about football, they usually think about chicken wings. They are inextricably tied to just about every football game, and they have spread to other sports, as well. Even though there's some debate about where chicken wings first got tied to football, many believe they come from a bar in Buffalo, New York. After all, wings are typically short for buffalo wings. The bar was called the Anchor Bar, and in 1964, it decided to turn down the popular soup in that part of the country. Instead, they turned to a spicy finger food that could feed a demanding, starving crowd.

Just a few years after they started serving them in their bar, chicken wings spread across the country. Quickly, they became a ubiquitous bar food, and they were served at the first Super Bowl. This led to skyrocketing popularity for buffalo wings, and they continue to be a pillar of gameday menus to this day.

Buffalo wings can be coated in a wide variety of sauces and spices, leading to a myriad of flavors that suit just about everyone. There are even popular wing substitutes, such as cauliflower wings, that are perfect for people who are vegetarian or vegan. There are lots of people who love chicken wings, but many people have dietary restrictions, as well. No matter what, it's essential to up your wing to increase your profits. 

Profitable Beverage Solutions

Even though restaurants and bars tend to have narrow profit margins, beer and cocktails have very high-profit margins. Therefore, this is a unique opportunity for restaurant and bar owners to generate additional revenue. It's critical for all operations that have a quick way to large numbers of drinks. That way, the line at the bar does not become a bottleneck for revenue.

There are plenty of ways restaurants can maximize their game day profits with beer and cocktails, which often means having the best possible equipment to dispense those beverages.  Consider Perlick commercial bar solutions, including high-volume cocktail stations that make high-volume cocktail creation easier without compromising quality.

Perlick beer systems are also great for enhancing profits. When beer is kept at the ideal temperature from the keg to the cup, foam can be eliminated, preventing operators from pouring profits down the drain. Other Perlick bar and beverage solutions include refrigeration and underbar and back bar storage.

The Wings and Beer Phenomenon

To learn more about any of these solutions, schedule a free assessment with a Total Source rep today. From the ingredients you're using to the equipment you chose to prepare them, we've got you covered from the back of the house all the way to the bar.

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