How A Vulcan Oven Helps Commercial Kitchens

Many commercial kitchens want a way to find labor savings and increase the productivity of their kitchen. One heavily sought-after appliance, the combi oven, can do that and so much more. It is an excellent choice because it provides more than one method for cooking, with the ability to steam, use convection cooking, or a combination of the two, the combi oven offers the convenience and versatility commercial kitchens depend on.

The Versatility Of Combi Ovens 

A combi oven is a significant investment, but with the labor savings and benefits it provides, it pays for itself. A combi oven's ability to cook in multiple fashions can help reduce the cook line. For instance, when used at low temperatures, it can handle the tasks of a slow cooker, holding cabinet, or even proofer. This piece of versatile equipment also provides superior control over moisture, temperature, and steam, allowing for more thorough and even cooking.

Along with its cooking versatility,  a combi also can save the space that multiple pieces of equipment require. This one appliance can steam, smoke, braise, sous vide, bake, roast, and much more!

Which Vulcan Oven Is Right For You? 

minijet combiVulcan has been in business for over 150 years and is continually recognized as a top supplier of quality equipment. They are dedicated to providing commercial kitchens with the best equipment to suit their needs. Vulcan provides options to kitchens and helps them find the perfect appliance to meet their needs. 

The new TCM series is easy to use and comes in different sizes based on the number of meals prepared. Outside of being popular in restaurants, the combi oven is also ideal for schools, assisted living, and even convenience stores. Vulcan offers the BC Series with precise controls and easy-to-use knobs.

Vulcan also sells more than just combi ovens.  Equipment like the SG Series convection oven, and VC 4&5 Series are great additions to any commercial kitchen. No matter what the needs are, Vulcan has an oven that is uniquely designed to handle the fast pace environment of the foodservice industry.

Try Vulcan Before You Buy

We understand that buying new foodservice equipment can be a daunting task. To make sure your investment is a worthy one, it's important to get hands-on experience before buying. 

Interested in trying new equipment out for yourself? Visit our Total Source test kitchen for a no-obligation and free demo of available equipment, including the TCM102G combi, MiniJet Combi, and the VC44GD convection oven.

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