Cooking Redefined: Discover the Cutting-Edge IBEX ITW Oven for Modern Kitchens

Limited space, inefficient cooking times, and inconsistent cooking results are all common challenges in today's commercial or institutional foodservice operations. As a result, commercial kitchens are always looking for new ways to address these challenges with new equipment innovations. The IBEX ITW Oven addresses all of these challenges and more.

Let's explore why it is a great oven for today's commercial kitchens. ibex oven from itw

Kitchen Efficiency Unleashed with ITW's IBEX Oven

As stated previously, commercial kitchens face a number of challenges. Commercial kitchens often face inconsistency and inefficiency because some commercial ovens can take longer to cook when compared to other oven types, and they can be more inconsistent. 

In addition to limited space, inefficient cooking times, and inconsistent cooking results, commercial kitchens also have to deal with labor-intensive cooking and high energy consumption. High energy consumption is common because some units aren't designed with energy efficiency in mind, and labor challenges are derived from controls and operating systems that are cumbersome and hard to operate. Since labor markets are tight due to high turnover, low unemployment, and rising foodservice employment, efficiency is more important than ever.

The ITW Oven from IBEX is an excellent choice for commercial kitchens because it provides the increased efficiency that employers want these days.

Never Compromise Quality for Speed Again

Part of that efficiency is cooking food as quickly as possible. However, doing so often means sacrificing the quality of the food that is being cooked. We believe this doesn't have to be a one-or-the-other proposition, and with IBEX, it's possible to have both.

The IBEX ITW Oven allows commercial kitchens to avoid this issue by utilizing precise technology to heat the food. This oven adapts the cooking method and intensity to produce the perfect end result consistently. This means the commercial kitchen can make consistent, high-quality food quickly. 

Delicious Food, Consistent Results

Another great thing about the IBEX ITW Oven is that it provides predictable results. With this oven, one can use features like its preprogrammed menu and its ability to expand menu selections to ensure results remain consistent. Commercial kitchens will not have to worry about different results based on who is using the oven. Additionally, one can customize the oven's settings to match any menu. IBEX provides commercial kitchens with consistently delicious food no matter who uses the oven.

ibex oven menu options

Efficiency in the Kitchen and on the Books

The IBEX ITW Oven benefits commercial kitchens by giving them better efficiency in the kitchen and in their books, as well. Better quality food means that commercial kitchens can retain customers more effectively. This oven also decreases dependency on the user and allows commercial kitchens to waste less food, reducing overhead. Since this oven gives the commercial kitchen a higher yield, this leads to lower food costs. 

The reduced cook times means that commercial kitchens have the ability to expand what they offer on their menus or simply cook more food. There is no need to worry about changes in the amount of business the kitchen gets, either. The IBEX rapid cook oven allows commercial kitchens to quickly respond to any changes in business volume, too. 

Learn more about the IBEX by scheduling a free assessment with Total Source.

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