Exploring the Impact of Gaylord Products on Air Quality [Indoor and Out]

When it comes to the atmosphere of a restaurant, there are many details to consider, including decor, lighting, and music. However, the air quality of the operation can be just as essential. So operators have to pay close attention to everything that might be lingering in the air, from smells to allergens. Even something like heavy cigarette smoke on someone's clothing can be enough to put off some customers, meaning that restaurateurs have to adapt accordingly. 

Fortunately, improving commercial air quality is easy with the Gaylord Eliminator. With air scrubbing technology integrated directly into a commercial hood, it's easy for foodservice operations of all sizes to benefit from this technology, including cannabis manufacturers.

Understanding the Need for Air Quality Management In and Outside of Restaurants

Everyone needs to breathe air, but it's interesting how most people don't think about air quality until something goes wrong. In many cases, filtration and HVAC systems will run continuously with little regard for how much debris clogs the system over time. Then, a strong odor (for example - used cooking oil or cannabis odor) will appear, illustrating the need for better indoor air quality standards.


In addition to the unpleasantness of breathing in odorous air, individuals with health issues can also be impacted by dirty air. Allergens and dust can trigger sneezing and watery eyes while smoke particles can also cause health problems, such as asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

Fortunately, the Eliminator can control the air quality of cannabis businesses, restaurants, and hotels efficiently without the need for additional infrastructure. 

Exploring the Fundamentals of Smoke and Its Impact

Smoke is harmful to the body, no matter how it's created. While most people focus on cigarette smoke, commercial kitchens deal with smoke and fumes on a much more prevalent basis. Unfortunately, this smoke can lead to significant respiratory problems for employees who work around it daily. Coughing, wheezing, and lung conditions are common for restaurant workers, especially those cooking and preparing the food.

To combat this problem, restaurants have vents and hood systems to draw the smoke and contaminated air from the cooking source and send it outside. However, more cities are starting to pay attention to how that type of ventilation can lead to pollution and health problems for the general public. For example, in New York, restaurants must use a device that removes at least 75 percent of the mass created in an exhaust plume for businesses that cook more than 875 pounds of meat in a charbroiler per week.

Basic Facts About Odor

The odor that comes from microscopic particles in the air is usually generated as a result of cooking plant and animal matter on a grill or other cooking surfaces. Odors can also come from burning other organic materials, such as tobacco or cannabis. These particles can travel easily through the air, entering the noses of anyone nearby. 

When it comes to maintaining air quality, it's best to remove these components from the air at the source. So, for cooking operations, using an odor removal technology like The Eliminator can remove almost all the particles immediately before they spread and cause adverse reactions among employees and customers.

From Polluted to Pristine: Gaylord Products' Solutions for Air Quality Challenges

The Eliminator from Gaylord is an all-in-one solution that eliminates or reduces odors at the source. This machine is far more efficient and effective than most other options, thanks to these features:


Multiple Features in One Product

The Eliminator contains a grease extractor, a UV light, and a smoke pollution control system in one convenient package along with odor removal technology. The electrostatic smoke pollution (ESP) system reduces visible smoke levels to ensure compliance with local regulations.

In-Hood Integration

Instead of needing extra (expensive) infrastructure, operators can use the Eliminator exhaust hood in their commercial kitchen. Seamless integration that won't disrupt operations.

Automatic Cleaning

The grease extractor will need regular cleaning, but the Eliminator does that itself with a built-in washer. Now, workers don't have to spend more time cleaning, and operators can feel confident that the system will work efficiently for a long time.


With the help of Gaylord and the Eliminator, it's easier than ever for foodservice and cannabis businesses to keep the air clean and customers and staff safer.

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