Introducing The Vulcan TCM Series Combi Oven

Building a trained foodservice staff has always been a challenge. This challenge has risen to new heights in light of recent events and the current labor pool. Restaurant operators who need to continue operations with fewer hands on deck are turning more frequently to multi-function equipment.

Labor Challenges In Foodservice

The current labor market has left many managers shorthanded. Replacing or adding equipment that can be automated makes a kitchen more efficient and versatile for producing menu items.

Menu items that are prepared ahead of time can cut service times considerably and lower labor needs and costs. One solution is equipment that requires fewer people to produce food more efficiently. For example, a combi oven that can be preprogrammed for menu items will take the guesswork out of making near-perfect dishes. Combi ovens fill the gap between the microwave and conventional ovens, and other heating methods prepare menu items. 

Vulcan TCM Series Combi Oven To The Rescue

Traditional kitchens use different pieces of equipment for each task. Getting a piece of equipment like a combi oven can help save time and money. Many know that combi ovens combine convection properties with tasks standalone ranges can complete. And there are even steaming options. But did you know that combi ovens also act as air fryers?

By removing moisture from the oven cavity, a crispy texture is achieved. Making it easier and healthier to serve fried wings, vegetables, or even desserts. With the new Vulcan TCM Series Combi Oven, you'll get a versatile piece of equipment that can bake, roast, sear, steam, braise, and fry any item on your menu. And with the ability to put 10 sheet pans inside, that's a lot of fried wings for your next event!

With preprogrammed menu items that help foodservice operations do more with less labor,  the TCM combi oven also makes menu revamping easier. By combining the attributes of a steamer and a convection oven, the TCM series combi ovens take it a step further. The electronic interface also makes it possible to pre-program recipes using an easy-to-use interface that uses graphics.

The Future Of Kitchen Versatility Is Here 

The TCM Combi Oven will aid foodservice staff by helping to speed production while cutting labor. The graphical interface of this new Combi-oven is self-explanatory and tells the oven at what temperature, humidity, and length of time is necessary for programmed menu items.

The self-cleaning and descaling feature will keep the unit free of grime without requiring staff to oversee the process. Scale build-up that comes from water is the leading cause of steamer failures. So it is another of Vulcan's newest Combi oven's labor-saving features.



The TCM is simple to use, auto-clean, and available in several sizes to suit the number of meals prepared per day in hospitals, assisted living facilities, schools, universities, and convenience stores. The versatility of the TCM Combi-oven is perfect for new concepts that can use its features to build menus and their brand. It is also ideal for established foodservice facilities to streamline operations. Combined with New Equipment Checkout from Hobart Service, a new piece of Vulcan equipment is an excellent addition to any foodservice facility.

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