How Kraft Heinz Away From Home Is Changing the Game for Foodservice Professionals

Kraft Heinz Away From Home is making major strides in the foodservice industry. As the newly announced distributor of Lunchables in schools, Kraft Heinz Away From Home aims to fulfill a foodservice promise: to meet customers where they are and provide a consistent foodservice experience wherever people eat. 

Kraft Heinz Away From Home partners with foodservice industry establishments of various sizes. From food trucks to stadiums and all the restaurants and cafes in between, even in schools, Kraft Heinz Away From Home products produce an easy experience for foodservice establishments and retailers. 

What Foodservice Items Does Kraft Heinz Away From Home Offer?

Most people in and out of the foodservice industry immediately think of condiments and sauces like salad dressing, ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise when they think of the Kraft Heinz brand. While Kraft Heinz Away From Home does provide distribution options for these products, they also offer cheeses, entrees and sides, beverages, and desserts. In short, Kraft Heinz Away From Home provides foodservice operators with premium ingredients that increase the quality and perception of their menu.

This works for catering, foodservice cafeteria options in schools, and for buying in bulk. Kraft Heinz Away From Home includes products from all Kraft Heinz brands, which include Heinz, Kraft, Philadelphia, and Truesoups. 

Kraft Heinz Away From Home

Fast Food Restaurant Options with Kraft Heinz Away From Home

Kraft Heinz Away From Home provides single-serving portion control options for fast food establishments as well as other foodservice vendors. This includes single-serve Philadelphia cream cheese packets, Heinz Honeyracha cups, and even grape jelly packets. From relish to mayonnaise to BBQ sauce and pancake syrup, Kraft Heinz Away From Home delivers the convenience of familiar products to customers while helping to ensure portion control for health.

Foodservice Dispensers from Kraft Heinz Away From Home

Foodservice establishments offering self-serve condiment bar options for customers who need the right equipment to dispense a product. Kraft Heinz dispensers are branded, helping customers find what they need from a brand they trust. Most dispensers are 1.5 gallons and help the customer find what they need quickly -- and when they're able to help themselves, it costs less in foodservice labor to accommodate their needs. 

Total Source can also help you acquire bottle pumps and other replacement parts for Kraft Heinz Away From Home equipment. 

Kraft Heinz Away From Home and Special Dietary Needs

Did you know that 62 of Kraft Heinz's staple items are Kosher? Kraft Heinz Away From Home offers gluten-free, low sodium, no artificial flavor, reduced fat, no artificial preservatives, and no high fructose corn syrup options. With single-served packets or bulk-ordered products, foodservice establishments can ensure the separation of product types to avoid contamination, making customers even happier. 

Kraft Heinz Away From Home Distribution Partners

By working with Total Source, foodservice establishments can ensure bulk delivery options for Kraft Heinz Away From Home products. Or, they can arrange to serve Lunchables or other prepackaged options at their venue. By buying dressings and condiments in bulk, the foodservice supply system enables a higher profit margin for participating restaurants.

Looking to try Kraft Heinz Away From Home for yourself? Request samples today.

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