Preparing Meals For End Of The Year Holidays

As Americans wait for the holiday season to begin, many are considering eating out for the biggest food holidays of the year. Preparing for the holidays in the foodservice industry includes more than serving comfort foods. It's also about preserving traditions to create a memorable experience. Sourcing the right ingredients, along with having equipment from quality suppliers is key.

Ditching Thanksgiving Cooking

While some people view Thanksgiving as a strictly home-based holiday, many Americans are opting to dine out on this November day. Thanksgiving is all about celebrating food, gratitude, and the togetherness of your social gathering; this kind of event can be hosted at a restaurant, a hotel, or a country club. 

According to the National Restaurant Association, one in ten adult Americans plans on visiting a restaurant on Thanksgiving Day. Some people cite the desire to avoid the laborious work that comes with hosting Thanksgiving, like washing dishes or cooking a large meal. Others simply wish to seek out a delicious Thanksgiving meal from a professional chef. Hosting availability is another commonly cited reason, with about 12% of people saying they don't have the space to host a large meal.

Prepared and To-Go

Foodservice workers should be preparing a significant amount for a holiday like Thanksgiving. A business owner will need a supply of Turkeys for the entire day. They'll also need ingredients for classic Thanksgiving meals, like turkey brine, cranberry sauce, pecan pie, cornbread, and gravy. Customers want the convenience of restaurant delivery and takeout, which is why entrepreneurs should consider investing in decent takeout software for these transactions. While the demand for food delivery increases the most during the months of March and February, there's also an expected uptick during the holiday season.

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What's On the Menu?

To create a truly delicious experience, entrepreneurs will need to put effort into buying the right ingredients. For a classic dash like mashed potatoes, foodservice workers should look into dehydrated potato products that can quicken the prep time for the chefs. Protein alternatives to turkey are becoming increasingly popular for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve dinners. Serving delicious, seasoned ham will delight customers, while enjoying a high-quality steak makes the occasion even more special. And don't forget to offer decadent desserts, such as specialty cheesecakes, to end the meal on a high note. 

Equipment To Help Staff 

In addition to finding the right food suppliers, owners will need to purchase top-notch cooking equipment for large amounts of people. With the multi-purpose Vulcan TCM Series Combi Oven, cooks can bake, roast, sear, steam, or fry any item on the menu. A commercial mixer from Hobart lets bakers easily create in-house batters and doughs from scratch. For self-serve meals, buffet servers keep the holiday food warm for hours without needing an electrical cord. With so many options available, foodservice workers will be able to design a truly memorable experience for a holiday.

Plan out your holiday menus and give them a try in our test kitchen. Click below to schedule a date. 

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