Merchandising Solutions for C-Store and Grocery Stores

When running any grocery or c-store operation, merchandising is your lifeline that pulls the turnover rate along on an invisible string. The staging of products is almost an art in a sense, acting as an effective and friendly encourager when consumers are looking to purchase products on your shelves. From product placement to fresh food displays, many consumers can be gently persuaded into buying certain items.

How Product Lines Chauffeur Customers

Consumers can be 'chauffeured' along product lines with subtle placement to encourage their buying habits. This can be organized by pricing, popular items, and destination items.

For example:

  • Top shelf items can be placed on the highest shelf to provide a sense of class, often being pricier items.
  • Lower to mid shelves can include items that consumers frequently buy regardless of price or promotion.
  • The lowest or bottom shelves can be filled with generic products or less popular products. 

By strategically placing more popular items at eye level, you can entice customers to purchase the items you want them to. 

RPI - Grab and Go options

Staging with Flexeserve

When stocking shelves, product line placement isn't the only solution for encouraging buying habits. Choosing the right display and shelving can make a world's difference to consumers that are hunting for specific types of items. RPI's Flexeserve Merchandisers help meet customer expectations while promoting the products you want to market. 

RPI Industries Flexeserve MerchandiserThe Flexeserve Merchandiser is a hot holding display case that's perfect for delis and bakery items. The all-in-one cabinet is a tiered unit that takes the grab-and-go trend and turns it into an efficient operation. The merchandiser is made for subtle encouragement and impulse buying, providing clear views of stocked products. Controlled hot air convection ensures that heated items don't lose their flavor, maintaining the quality. LED lighting and individual shelves make it easy to stage products as you want them promoted. Each tier requires little maintenance when cleaning, providing a sense of transparency and comfort for shoppers. 

Product Placement with Vienna

RPI Industries Vienna Cold DisplaysAnother great solution is RPI's Vienna series. From display countertops to merchandising cabinets like the Flexeserve, you can provide consumers with accessible options for popular products. Choose between hot and cold counters for freshly made items, as well as sectional islands and grab-and-go cabinets. The options are plentiful. The Vienna series allows you to combine fresh-made meals with pre-packaged items so that customers need little time to debate what they wish to buy. Each unit is designed to be transparent in order to build a sense of honesty and trust with shoppers, enabling them to see items in open settings. 

Both Vienna counters and Flexeserve merchandising product lines provide you with innovative, easy to clean solutions. You can use units to openly and strategically practice product placement, as well as encourage consumer buying habits. 


Curious about whether the Vienna or Flexeserve product lines are right for your c-store or grocery store? Get your free commercial food assessment to find out. The team at Total Source Foodservice is your one-stop-shop for the best ingredients and equipment on the market. 

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