Why School Nutrition Directors Should Consider Vulcan Ovens

The education industry faces a wide variety of challenges, and one of the biggest challenges involves providing nutritious meals for students. There are countless families who depend on nutritious meals coming from school every day. If schools do not have the necessary resources to provide nutritious meals for students, the academic performance and physical development of kids will start to suffer. Fortunately, Vulcan equipment makes it easy for school nutrition directors to provide nutritious meals in bulk. 

Meet Changing Menu Needs of the K-12 Segment

Supply chain issues have impacted just about every industry, and it is critical for schools to adjust. Supply chain issues have made it difficult for many commercial kitchens to get access to the food and ingredients needed to provide nutritious meals to customers. Furthermore, these same issues could mean that ingredients spoil before they can reach the school's kitchen.

Because supply chain issues continue to persist, it is incumbent on nutrition directors to get creative. Versatile Vulcan equipment allows schools to do more with less. With access to powerful equipment that can create delicious meals in a variety of ways, nutrition directors can use the same ingredients to create a variety of meals, reducing the number of ingredients they need to order. By reducing the moving parts involved in making sure they get the ingredients they need, schools can more reliably provide delicious meals for students.

Alleviate School Cafeteria Staffing Issues

In addition to supply chain concerns, there are a lot of schools that are struggling to keep their cafeterias staffed. There are a variety of reasons why there is a worker shortage, including workers who have left the school system. Schools are struggling to attract employees who can work the kitchens. Which means there just aren't enough people to cook meals for students. 

Fortunately, the Vulcan Combi oven can handle a lot of these issues. This is an all-inclusive, stackable oven that has both gas and electric options. With knobs that are easy to use, precise temperature controls, and customizable humidity controls, this oven provides schools with the best options for providing bulk, nutritious meals for students, even amidst a staffing shortage. There is even an audible alarm and flashing lights that ensure meals are never undercooked or overcooked again. 

Better School Nutrition Starts With Equipment That Lasts

Today, there are a lot of schools that are investigating ways to provide nutritious meals for students even as budgets are tighter than ever. One of the best ways to do so is to invest in equipment that lasts. It takes a lot of time and effort to cook from scratch, but now, with access to the best equipment, school cafeterias can invest in speed scratch cooking, ensuring students not only have access to the best nutrients but also have access to meals that taste good.

If school cafeterias are willing to invest in new equipment, such as the Vulcan Combi oven, they can combat supply chain issues, overcome staffing shortages, and make sure that children have access to the nutrition they need to perform well in the classroom on a daily basis. 

Ready to learn more about how Vulcan can help your school's nutrition workers? Click below to get started.

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