How Stadiums And Arenas Are Redefining The Hospitality Experience

Stadium owners have to think about ways to entice people into the venue. This is done primarily through the events the venue hosts, but there’s more to the story.

Finding additional ways to increase customer revenue at events is an ongoing struggle for stadiums and arenas. One way to do this is to improve the food and beverage options within the facility.

Attendees of games and other events want to know they’ll be able to find some of their old stadium favorites like cheese sticks and pretzels. Still, today's stadium and arena foodservice environment requires more than just the classics. Keeping those much-loved options while providing more of a restaurant-style approach to the menu is what today's visitors are looking for.

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It’s Not Just About the Game Anymore

Stadium owners can considerably improve the visitor experience by offering dining options that people can enjoy before and after the game or event. Simple options during the game usually suffice, but a luxurious dining experience along with the game is something many visitors will want.

Demand for food at stadiums and arenas is on the rise. Oracle did a survey in 2021 that found that 85% of respondents were feeling nostalgia about stadium foods. As stadiums and arenas across the country are being renovated or constructed, the food venues are diversifying, ordering and purchasing are getting quicker, and food options are expanding.

Stadium Food as Destination Dining

The food at a stadium is a significant source of sales, so maximizing how many people can be served is critical. Stadiums can’t skimp on the commercial kitchen equipment they use in the foodservice areas, as this can directly impact service capabilities.

Finding commercial ovens that can quickly cook or heat the dishes served can decrease customers' wait time, leading to greater throughput and higher profits. Convection ovens are a preferred option at many restaurants that need high-performance ovens. Using a combi oven is often the preferred option when space is at a premium.

Another way that some food vendors can maximize the customer experience is by using serving stations. These enable customers to get their food from the vendor and then move to a nearby cart or table to put the finishing touches on their food.

Stadium Foodservice Trends Mirror Restaurant Trends

People who go to games and other events in stadiums want to be able to find a variety of foods. Choosing popular brands, such as Nathan’s Famous hot dogs and favorite stadium foods like cheese curds and mozzarella sticks can boost the popularity of the stadium foodservice options. Pretzels are always a crowd favorite at games, especially if the vendors offer a variety of dipping sauces.

Don’t forget about getting drinks for the customers. Some food vendors should have alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages so people of all ages can enjoy tasty options during the game. Stadiums can even offer beverage options that appeal to health-conscious visitors to the stadium. And, remember to have some baked goods for those who want a light snack with their drink.

There’s no better time to revamp a stadium’s food offerings than now. People are flocking back to in-person events and will be delighted to find a mix of old favorites and new offerings when they go to an event.

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