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The Fall season is headed our way to bring in cooler temperatures and the perfect time of year for tailgating adventures. As we make the most of the season, consumers are looking at their favorite restaurants and foodservice establishments to serve up the perfect blends for tailgating in the Fall. With everyone craving cooler days filled with smokey, tender flavors there's nothing better than a delicious meal right off the grill.

Sourcing quality products is only one of the many key factors when it comes to running a successful foodservice operation. Take a look at these food combinations to provide you with plenty of food options for tailgating this Fall.

Randolph Packing

Known for more than just a quick link or patty to cook with, Old-World Style Sausages is family-owned and operated, bringing you a variety of flavorful choices. Items include chicken, meatballs, and much more. With over 75 years in the industry, Randolph's has gained popularity for their authenticity. Items are perfect for mixing into larger dishes or acting as standalone products. Choose from links, patties, and bulk pork sausage for your menu.

Our product favorites include:

  • Bratwurst
  • Mild or Hot Italian Links
  • Smoked Andouille
  • Smoked Kielbasa
  • Smoked Hot Links

One thing that sets Randolph's aside from other companies is that you can get rope links just like in the classics. This makes for easy packing to give you the most in each case, and the connected links help retain flavor. Whether you're making a tasty gravy, casserole, pizza, or any other items, this meat is sure to make a tasty dish perfect for the tailgating season.

Alpha Baking

Alpha Baking BunsNo tailgate experience is complete without hotdog or hamburger buns for your gatherings. Alpha Baking Company offers a variety of bread options with a “fresh daily” taste, quality, and consistency through their extensive frozen and par-baked bakery programs. In fact, the original “Chicago-style poppy seed hot dog bun” was started by Alpha Baking and is still used today by over 90% of Chicago-area hot dog stands. Be sure to stock up on buns just in time for the tailgating season.

Bush's Beans

Even if you weren't in the foodservice industry, you'd have seen a Bush's Beans commercial at some point. Known for being one of the most well-recognized brands, Bush's offers an incredible variety when it comes to beans. Many people don't realize that the company creates more than delicious recipes for baked beans. In addition to their infamous baked beans, you can source these items for your menu as well:

  • Bean based chips (flavors include: chili lime, sea salt, sour cream & onion, spicy nacho, and sweet mesquite)
  • Bean dips
  • Hominy
  • Chili beans


There are bean-made products available all across the board for your entrees, making Bush's Beans one of the most reliable options for sides or stews and other recipes.

Deep River Snacks

deep river chipsOver the last decade, kettle chips have gained popularity like crazy. Not only are they an easy snack to take on the go, but they're light and don't feel as greasy as other chip options. Deep River Snacks is perfect for providing consumers with a grab-and-go option for days spent outdoors, and their flavor choices blend perfectly with grilled items. This gives consumers a filling yet light take on their meal, and they can choose from zesty, sweet, cheddar, or other great options. Deep River's kettle chips are non-GMO, which can help target consumers looking for slightly healthier food combinations.

Source Your Combinations Today!

Still curious about which items will best fit your menu? No worries, we've got you covered!

At Total Source, we can help you find the perfect blend of products that offer customers the best flavor to match the mood and food cravings of each season. Our team experts will work to provide you with ingredients that make your customers crave more while providing you with quality products that are easy to manage.

Looking for samples? Reach out to us today and we'll provide you with sample options. 

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