Discover the Latest in Ventless Cooking: Vulcan Minijet Combi Oven

For restaurant and foodservice establishment owners looking to reduce installation and operating costs, ventless cooking has been a dream. Kitchens that embrace ventless oven equipment have experienced more flexibility in the kitchen space and lower maintenance costs. And with the Vulcan MiniJet™ combi oven, foodservice businesses can take ventless cooking to the next level. 


The Rise of Ventless Cooking

Those designing or redesigning kitchens can benefit by committing to the Vulcan Minijet ventless combi oven. Without the need to add or maintain ductwork, and the ability to place the Minijet anywhere there's space, operators can save money and increase profits, all at the same time!

Ventless ovens also allow restaurants, schools, stadiums, hospitals, and other foodservice operations to cook almost anything on their menus. The flexibility and the power of ventless cooking take the cooking game to the next level. 

Applications of the Vulcan Minijet

Just because it's small doesn't mean the MiniJet isn't mighty. Able to fit multiple pans inside, the MiniJet provides full combi performance in a compact size. And it can bake and steam in one appliance, helping create perfect cakes and dishes. 

With many businesses dealing with labor issues and hiring people who haven't worked in the industry previously, it can be tricky getting items cooked correctly. However, with the Vulcan Minijet, that isn't an issue. Pre-programmable with custom recipes, operators can be sure that dishes come out the same way every time, no matter who's working. With the recipes displayed as images, everyone can find the right recipe no matter the language they speak fluently or their experience in a commercial kitchen. And the self-cleaning ability makes sure the oven is always ready to cook a fresh meal without worrying about the labor involved.

The high flexibility of this ventless oven enables so much more versatility in small spaces, such as narrow shops in shopping malls or strip malls. Some food trucks can even double their cooking capacity with clever ventless oven installations.

The Future of Ventless Cooking with Vulcan's Minijet Oven

The Vulcan Minijet Combi allows for humidity control, simplistic knobs, and extreme stackability, allowing foodservice staff to make the most of any workspace. Multi-speed fans and circulation happen in-unit, and it's all adjustable. Plus, alarms and lights alert staff to the completion of a cooking cycle. This creates consistency when cooking in the space-saving ventless oven. 

The Combi oven also allows fry cooking -- yes, staff can prepare fries in the Vulcan Minijet. With minimal training, the Vulcan Minijet will save restaurant owners money and time when training new back-of-house and front-of-house foodservice staff on these simple ventless oven appliances.

The Vulcan Minijet also produces baked and steamed items in the same ventless oven device. From cheesecake to perfectly steamed vegetables, this ventless oven appliance can accommodate most cooking needs. This allows food trucks and other smaller foodservice establishments the ability to expand menu options significantly, maximizing profit potential. 

Flexibility. Consistency. Efficiency. Are you ready to see how you can take your ventless cooking to the next level?

Discover how Vulcan can help your foodservice business grow - click below to get started!

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