Experience What A Vulcan Combi Oven Can Do For Your Commercial Kitchen


Operating a commercial kitchen can feel a lot more like chaos than work when you're bouncing between appliances and trying to monitor various dishes all at once. Fortunately, Vulcan's Combi Oven gives you a sense of simplicity with easily accessible controls that help you manage the temperature and time precisely. The stackable oven combines the features of steamers with your oven needs, bringing convenience to the kitchen. 


Designed to be an innovative solution that provides precision humidity control with easy-to-use knobs, the Vulcan Combi is an all-inclusive stackable oven that comes in both gas and electric options. The boilerless oven has steaming functionality to bring you the best of both worlds. With a built-in multi-speed fan you can adjust air and heat circulation so that everything you put in is cooked evenly and thoroughly. With flashing door lights and an audible alarm, you'll always know when a cooking cycle is over, ensuring you never overcook or undercook recipes again.

The Combi oven's humidity levels are set to automatically adjust depending on your set temperature and grab and go racks make it safe as well as easy to insert and remove pans. USB capabilities allow you to quickly access and monitor machine diagnostics so that you always know when maintenance is required.


One of the best things about Vulcan's Combi Oven is that it's not just an oven. With the right accessories, you can even cook fries in it. Want that perfect crunch? Use the 1220 fry basket and load it up. Additional accessories include extra grab and go racks, a propane and altitude kit, a stainless steel open frame stand, and more. 

There's no training necessary when it comes to operating the oven. Anyone can literally walk up to it and start using it with easy-to-read knobs. You can cook grilled steaks, baked goods, and more in this versatile unit. Choose from poaching, steaming, slow cooking, baking, air frying, and grilling. The Combi oven allows you to make almost any menu item from one place. 


With no learning curve needed, the hardest part is worrying if you need another unit to keep up with business. When it comes time to clean the unit, you don't need standard or specialty detergents, though you can use them at your own desire. The only requirement in cleaning is to let the oven steam for 10 minutes and then wipe it down. Racks are removable and can be deep cleaned separately should you choose. 

Additionally, heat reflective tempered glass makes each unit cool to touch and reduces energy consumption. With so many great benefits to keep up with, here's a reminder on what you can expect when using Vulcan's new Combi Oven:

  • More even and thorough cooking
  • Stackable units provide the ability to reduce your needed kitchen space
  • Operating the unit requires no training
  • Cook almost anything on your menu with so much versatility
  • Focus more on serving customers and less on standing over everything cooking


The Vulcan Combi Oven is truly a game-changer in commercial kitchens. It brings you convenience, places safety as a priority in the kitchen, and is simple to use.

If you want to know more about the unit, or you're curious about which version is best for your kitchen, get your free commercial foodservice assessment today. Our experts at Total Source Foodservice will walk you through all of the need to know details for each specific unit.

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