The 3 Parts to a Perfect Pizza

More than 41 percent of all Americans eat pizza at least once a week, with an average of 350 slices being sold every second. To say Americans are obsessed with pizza is an understatement, and the growth of the pizza segment during the Covid pandemic has helped show us why.

Pizza is comfort food, for starters. More than just about any other food type, we turn to pizza when we're looking for foods that make us feel good. Pizza is also easy to deliver or take out, making it ideal over the last 18 months. And finally, pizza is profitable, making it attractive for operators.

But what goes into the perfect pizza that makes them so popular? Essentially, it's three things.


italcrust pizza

All good pizza starts with the crust. Whether it's the oh-so-flavorful crust of a Detroit-style pizza or a New York slice that you can only have with the right NYC tapwater, crust is king. Crust is what holds it all together. Crust is, well, captivating.

Total Source Solutions: 

Total Source is proud to offer ItalCrust, a comprehensive line of whole fired pizza crusts and flatbreats that received a 2021 Food and Beverage (FABI) Award from the National Restaurant Association. We also offer one of the most recognized names in retail pizza crusts in Boboli.


sauce pacific coast producersFinding the right sauce is key, as it will pivot your pizzas on the sugar-salt scale. For example, certain Italian-style tomatoes are known for adding an element of sweetness to a sauce, while other options might tilt more toward savory. This is a deeply individual decision, but it's an important one.

Total Source Solutions: 

Finding the right sauce can be as difficult as deciding on what type of flavor profile you're looking for in a sauce. For those within the Colorado & Wyoming territories, Total Source can help with premium sauce and tomato products from Pacific Coast Producers. Looking for something a little different than a traditional tomato sauce? Basil pesto sauce from Rana is a delicious and versatile alternative for our Arizona customers who are looking to get creative with their pizza offerings.


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For some, a good cheese blend to pair with the perfect tomato sauce is all you need. Add a little saltiness from the cheese to the sweetness of the tomatoes, and call it a day. Others look for more variety on top of a pie, whether it be a slice full of Italian-style meats or some simple veggies.

Total Source Solutions: 

Saputo is a top manufacturer of Italian-style cheeses made just for pizza applications, and our friends at Atalanta also carry a range of cheese that can be used on top of a good pie. If you're looking for great Italian sausage, we're happy to scan the product offerings from Burke and Randolph Sausage to help top off the perfect pie.

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