12 Ways to Enjoy the Winter Holidays with Perlick

The winter holidays are a great time for get-togethers. It's also the perfect time for bars, restaurants, hotels, and venues to offer space for company holiday parties. But there's more to hosting a great holiday party than just sending invites. The right venue can make sure guests feel welcome by having beer, wine, and even mocktails available in multiple locations. That's where the Perlick mobile bar comes in to help provide a unique festive experience.

How Did Holiday Parties Become So Popular? 

As the busy holiday season approaches, savvy bar and restaurant owners know it's not just a time to be jolly. It's also the season to boost profits, and a lucrative avenue that often goes untapped is hosting holiday parties. According to HR Digest, 85 percent of companies in the U.S. hold holiday parties. Half of those parties are luncheons or dinner events, which means plenty of opportunities to upsell to make the event even more special.

For example, at one party, LinkedIn's logo lit up the scoreboard at Levi's Stadium as employees tried their hand at blackjack and Foosball. At AT&T Park, Facebook revelers posed with the Giants' World Series trophy and shared their joy on Instagram. At Yahoo's Wizard of Oz-themed event, Janelle Monae rocked the stage, and Twitter paid over $70,000 to rent San Francisco City Hall for one of their holiday events. In the fiercely competitive tech world, retaining top talent is a priority, and many companies spare no expense, with budgets reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars, averaging $100 to $150 per person on food and drink alone. While every city might not have tech dollars to help fuel an over-the-top event, companies want their employees to feel rewarded and are using the holidays to do so. 

Get to Know Perlick 

perlick logoIn the cocktail industry, where every margin matters, efficiency is the pathway to success. Perlick rises above the competition, offering top-of-the-line bar solutions that amplify productivity and play a pivotal role in increasing the typical industry pour cost for a cocktail, which hovers around 18 percent. Whether a restaurant or bar seeks to elevate the cocktail experience or an event venue manager requires mobile bar solutions, Perlick stands ready to offer expert assistance that grows business. The versatility of Perlick's mobile bars ensures a seamless celebration experience, allowing partygoers to savor cocktails from anywhere, a hotel rooftop, poolside, and even on the ninth hole of a country club golf course. 


Cleanliness is non-negotiable in the fast-paced world of bartending. Maintaining spotless glassware and utensils transcends aesthetics; it stands as a fundamental element in ensuring the safety of holiday event attendees. Plus, there's nothing worse than running out of clean glassware. With Perlick's Carousel Glasswasher, it's easier than ever to have plenty of drinkware while also reducing chipping while going through the wash cycle. 

Twelve Holiday Benefits of Perlick Products

1) Reliability: Perlick is renowned for engineering reliable commercial beverage solutions that withstand the high demands of the holiday season. 

2) Easy Maintenance: Bar solutions by Perlick are easy to use and clean and made to save time. Features include removable shelves and other components, making cleaning and upkeep more efficient.

3) Warranty and Support: Perlick offers warranties and excellent customer support, providing peace of mind to bar owners, chain restaurants, and event venues.

4) Space Optimization: The team at Perlick knows the critical nature of making the best use of any size space and keeps optimization at the forefront of each design.

5) Undercounter Design: The under-counter design of many Perlick products allows for seamless integration into kitchen islands, bars, or other spaces, making them discreet and space-saving.

6) ADA Compliance: Perlick offers many ADA-compliant essentials for ensuring accessibility and inclusivity in commercial food and beverage settings.

7) Temperature Memory: Certain beverage dispensing models have temperature memory functions, which ensure the machines maintain the same temperature settings after a power outage.

8) Customization: Perlick often offers customization options beyond panel-ready designs. Customers may be able to choose different finishes, handle styles, and other aesthetic elements to match their specific decor preferences.

9) Energy Star Certification: Many Perlick products are energy-efficient and may carry Energy Star certification, which signifies that they meet strict energy efficiency standards and can help save on energy costs.

10) Aesthetics: Perlick products are often designed with a focus on aesthetics, offering a sleek and modern appearance that can enhance the overall look of a kitchen or bar area.

11) Quiet Operation: Perlick products often feature quiet compressors and motors, essential for residential use and less intrusive in commercial settings.

12) Smart Technology Integration: Many of Perlick’s products are compatible with smart technology, allowing operators to monitor and control settings remotely via smartphones or other devices.

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