The Art of Selling Profitable Cocktails- Perlick's Guide to Success

With the popularity of cocktails growing steadily for several years, having a proper setup for bartenders can be the difference between high-volume profits and lost revenue. Customers seek cocktails that are on trend, photographable, and served quickly, so how can bars achieve these tasks without running staff ragged? Implementing strategies and leveraging solutions from Perlick can help operators drive cocktail sales, control labor, and positively impact profitability. 

Understanding Profitability in Cocktail Sales

When it comes to thriving in the beverage industry, profitable cocktails are everything. A cocktail bar that's run well can offer a large profit margin and help customers have a great time. A mobile bar system like Perlick's can help venue owners boost their revenue while providing partygoers or event attendees an unforgettable experience–all with their favorite drink in hand. 

Enhancing the Customer Experience - Crafting Irresistible Cocktails

Creating cocktails that appeal to a broad audience is critical. Offering sweet, savory, and classic options keeps customers returning to the bar to try something new. Providing patrons with a signature cocktail option can also be an exciting way to create a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience.

In today's food and beverage industry, presentation is everything. Getting guests to showcase what a bar offers on social media is one of the most effective forms of advertising, and presenting a cocktail that requires a show to concoct or that looks like a work of art (or both!) can help get the word out about a business.

Adding a health element to cocktails can inspire guests to try something new. For example, using sweet potato syrup instead of simple syrup in a fall-inspired cocktail can pique curiosity, as can adding radishes to a Bloody Mary.

Maximizing Operational Efficiency - Bar Layout and Equipment Optimization

The typical industry pour-cost for a cocktail is about 18 percent. Increasing this percentage is easy when staff members can access top-of-the-line equipment that boosts efficiency.

A small, efficient bar is key to creating zero-step bartending. That is the bartender's ability to make drinks while having all ingredients and equipment within arm's reach. An organized, efficient bar can make it easier for bartenders to maximize profitability, one drink at a time. When bartenders have everything they need right in front of them, they're better able to interact with customers, building rapport and driving up the likelihood of repeat sales and recommendations.


Unleashing Profit Potential - How Perlick Equipment Can Boost Cocktail Sales

Perlick is known for providing premium bar solutions. Whether a restaurant is looking to upgrade its cocktail bar or an event venue needs mobile bar options to help its bartenders serve patrons in an outdoor venue, Perlick can help. No matter where an event occurs, Perlick mobile bars make it easy for attendees to enjoy their favorite cocktails. 



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