Delights of Foster Farms Turkey - Perfect for Every Occasion

Sustainable food isn't just a trend anymore. Customers continue to seek products that reflect their values and want to patronize restaurants that responsibly source their ingredients. At Foster Farms, their team works to provide healthy, humanely raised, sustainable poultry products. Let's look closer and see how they can help your foodservice business.

From Farm to Fork: The Journey of Foster Farms Products

Certified by the American Humane Association, Foster Farms has a tradition of raising its poultry with kindness in mind. Started in Modesto, California, in the 1930s by Max and Verda Foster, the farm has always believed that how the flock is treated determines the quality of meat and eggs you receive. Now a conglomerate of farms that follow the founders' beliefs, Foster Farms works hard to care for their flocks, employees, and community.

Sustainable Practices

Never kept in cages, the turkeys from Foster Farms live in barns that provide open-air access while protecting them from predators. With fresh water and enrichment activities always available, the poultry has less stress, directly affecting the final product. 

Farmers also work closely with veterinary staff to maintain the animals' health. To that end, the company is committed to antibiotic stewardship that closely monitors the use of antibiotics except in clinical emergencies. By not using antibiotics to promote animal growth or egg production, Foster Farms works towards the resistance of antibiotics in humans while allowing the turkeys to grow naturally. 

In addition to the considerations of the animals they raise, the farm also is diligent about the treatment of its workers and people in their community. By contributing to the worldwide fight for human rights, Foster Farms monitors vendors it works with to be sure workers are treated well. And in 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Foster Farms donated nearly three million servings of poultry to food banks to help people in need in several states.

Discover the Delicious World of Foster Farms Turkey Products

When it comes to supporting a healthy lifestyle, turkey is an ideal protein source. Low in fat, versatile, and simple to cook, providing Foster Farms products on your menu can help customers boost protein intake without sacrificing taste or flavor.

With so many cuts and options available, there is a Foster Farms product for every foodservice business. Try using their ground turkey in a turkey meatball sandwich or a banh mi bowl. Use turkey leftovers to create empanadas. Or how about a hearty turkey chili that will make customers feel good while helping stretch ingredients for more significant margins? The options for restaurants, schools, hotels, and country clubs are endless and can help create unique, tasty menus everyone will enjoy.

Interested in finding out how Foster Farms turkeys can improve your menus? Get a sample to find out how tasty they can be:

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