America's Fried Foods Just Got Better!

Fried food is one of the world's most popular types of food. It's easy to see when looking around at items on menus in fast food restaurants or even in full-service restaurants. But the popularity of fried foods is even more apparent when considering what we all think of as "comfort foods." As a result, many brands have started to sell products to break into the deep-fried niche of the foodservice industry. 

Foodservice companies and operators are some of the most creative when coming up with new products and innovations to capitalize on the growing popularity of food trends. This is why it's essential to discuss the popularity of fried foods in more detail, since understanding it can help enhance profitability.

Fried Foods Are On Trend

As previously mentioned, fried food is more popular than before. A study by Mintel Menu Insights discovered that U.S. restaurant menus had a 5% increase in the number of fried foods on them in the first three quarters of 2021. Additionally, the Wall Street Journal reported that restaurants have made twice as many repairs to their deep-fat fryers due to overuse. Bottom line? Fried foods are popular no matter where you eat them.

As food costs rise, though, finding value in products can help fray purchasing costs and help maintain margins. Buying in bulk can help. Just make sure that you're comparing apples to oranges. For example, a 25-pound bag of generic brand panko yields about 150 eight-ounce cups. Compare that to a 20-pound bag of Upper Crust  Large Authentic Japanese Panko, which yields about 170 eight-ounce cups. In the initial purchase, Upper Crust panko may seem more expensive, but in reality, it ends up being cheaper in the long run than other brands. 

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Enhance Taste with Texture

Because dining is more than just a source of sustenance, considering the sensory aspect of foods is important, too. Ultimately, this is one reason why fried foods are so popular. Crunch, crispy, and crusty are all desired qualities in some of our most favorite foods, as enhancing the flavors with texture is a winning formula.

In many cases, adding texture can also mean changing the dish's flavors. For example, when adding tortilla chips to guacamole, the flavor profiles are changed. Adding nuts will add crunch, but it will also change the flavor. So what about those dishes where chefs want the flavors to remain the same? Panko breadcrumbs are a great option.

An authentic panko can add texture to soft food items without changing the flavor. Panko is flavor neutral and toasted, so one can use it to add texture to soft food without changing its flavor. Regional restaurant chains are setting themselves apart by using authentic panko in their recipes for fried chicken, fried fish, schnitzel, meatballs, and breaded cheeses.

Additionally, customers can add some extra flavor and crispiness to the panko by adding melted butter to it and sauteing or baking it in an oven until the panko is light brown in color. After that, the next step is to take it off the heat and add the desired seasoning. The panko will remain crispy for a week as long as it is in dry storage.

About Upper Crust

The key to great fried food starts with an excellent crust. Getting the right one with the best consistency isn't always easy unless your foodservice business uses products from Upper Crust Enterprises.

The history of Upper Crust Enterprises, Inc started in 1955 when Masashi Kawaguchi established Fishking Processors, Inc in Los Angeles. The company later built a facility in the early 1980s to manufacture its own kind of Japanese Panko Bread Crumb and opened its Panko Bread Division in the mid-1990s. Gary Kawaguchi, the founder's son, changed the company's name to Upper Crust Enterprises, Inc in 2006.

A total of 40 major cuisines exist in the world right now, and one can utilize products from Upper Crust Enterprises in the majority of them. Upper Crust Enterprises now sells its Japanese Panko Bread Crumbs in many countries, including the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

If your restaurant, hotel, school, or a healthcare facility is looking to build a better menu with Upper Crust Enterprises, click here to request a sample.


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