The Total Source Open House Recap: Thanks for Attending!

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The Total Source Open House event that was held on October 13 in our Phoenix test kitchen was a great success, and we'd like to thank all our attendees and partners for making it such a great event.

We know the last few years have made live events difficult, awkward, and even inconvenient for some, so to have around 50 attendees from all across the foodservice spectrum was a great treat for our team. After all, this is food and beverage, and F&B isn't the same unless we can all be together.

"Whether you're a restaurant owner or a foodservice equipment dealer, we were grateful for those who attended," says Total Source President and CEO, Terry Hughner. "It was great seeing so many industry friends."

Total Source is a comprehensive resource for food and equipment solutions, and the event featured a full display of food to help compliment the capabilities of our equipment and supplies lines. Attendees were able to not only see the quality of our equipment, but they were also able to taste our food products prepared in it.

We also welcomed Kim Haasarud from Liquid Architecture, who created two first-class cocktails prepared at a Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station from Perlick while talking with guests about the importance of barchitecture, a combination of bar layout and design.


The Queen Bee


Chai Rye Old Fashioned

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All across the foodservice industry, labor is a huge issue. As part of our open house, we discussed this trend including some high-quality convenience food items that can help save labor. Operators also learned how to increase revenue with mobile kiosks and bars to make "dead space" profitable, and we created a full menu that can be created in almost any space -- without the need for an exhaust hood.

Want to book some time to discuss equipment, menu offerings, or even ways to best run your back-of-house operation with one of our culinary experts? Click below to schedule a call or even stop by our test kitchen for a demo.



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