How GTI Designs Brings Innovation And Style To Foodservice

During the concept stage of planning a restaurant, café, or foodservice area, you need the equipment and display cases designed in a way that fits both aesthetically and functionally. GTI Designs offers a one-stop solution from design to production and installation with a wide range of products ready to support your style, workflow, and budget. Skip the wait time - GTI offers in-stock, ready to ship cases!

About GTI Designs

GTI Designs has been in the business of manufacturing bespoke display cases, furniture, and workflow solutions for the foodservice industry for more than three decades. Instead of just providing the client with a catalog, they begin every job at the design phase. Their expert team handles every aspect of logistics to streamline the entire experience. Their business continues to grow as they value building relationships with every client.

GTI Designs Line Of Products

GTI Designs' line of products offers contemporary, sleek European style bundled with intuitive function. Whether serving ice cream, sandwiches, bread, chocolate, or hot meals, there is a solution that will mesh with nearly every type of foodservice business model and brand.


Display Cases

Every display case is crafted to the exact specs needed, whether it's for a kitchen, buffet, or bar. Deli, meat, fish, & cheese cabinets offer eye-level display shelves to grab customers' attention with large trays providing easy access for staff working at the counter. Cafeteria units sit within reach for hungry guests and staff as they restock. Multi-decks keep grocery or convenience stores stocked with products in easy-to-see cabinets while maintaining safe serving temperatures. Explore options for chocolates, pastry, and even ice cream or gelato scoop cabinets.

Total Source - GTI Images BlogEquipment Required To Expand Your Menu And Business

There is no need to search for yet another supplier when adding soft-serve ice cream, filled donuts, or smoked meats to the menu. GTI Designs can finalize the kitchen or service design with blast freezers and whipped topping dispensers. Their line of modular back bars supplies functional storage while maintaining organization for proper stock rotation. Customers can pick up prepared meals using a mobile app and a set of food storage lockers. Every unit can be built-in to complement a display case, customer-facing counters, or backroom workspace.

GTI Platinum

For the more discerning client, GTI Platinum brings bespoke solutions to luxury restaurants, executive buffets, or exclusive spa services. Cases and cabinets from the Blue, Nine+, and JOBS line seamlessly integrate with surrounding decor. Attention to detail, glistening glass, and luxury materials result in foodservice features that look right at home in the most opulent settings. GTI Designs completes its own millwork and stainless steel fabrication, providing a fully customized and immersive experience for guests to dine in. MINI-JOBS units fit onto smaller surfaces for poolside service, while the Maestro Drop-In designs turn your open buffet into the ultimate self-service à la carte experience.


Design And Build

Every product offered by GTI Designs comes with its three-step Design and Build service. It all begins at the consultation and design stage where you and your contractors start with a blank slate. They coordinate with builders, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing to ensure optimal function upon installation. Their AutoCAD drawings provide a 3D vision of the completed project. The manufacturing facilities are located in the U.S., but source parts from the best European suppliers creating durable and dazzling units. Even shipping and delivery are coordinated with their own network, ensuring the right trucks and people are in place to receive your completed equipment while preventing damage.

Explore fully customizable display equipment and solutions from GTI Designs by setting up a free foodservice assessment with one of our expert team members.

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