New Manufacturer Announcement: Made To Drain

We've been busy adding additional new brands to our line card to help our customers even more and are excited to introduce you to Made To Drain. The manufacturers of products that help contain water and eliminate leaks, Made To Drain helps restaurants, grocery stores, and other foodservice operations save on labor and expenses. 

No More Plumbing Emergencies

Floor drains in commercial kitchens need to be kept as free from debris and food as possible to help with water drainage. Food that's allowed to down sinks or floor drains can clog sewer systems, causing a messy backup of drains and flooding kitchens with contaminated water that may also be greasy. 

Any type of standing water on the floor of a kitchen is a slip and fall hazard while standing water in drains doesn't allow for sanitary cleaning of equipment and dishes. And both situations require calling out a plumber to unclog the drains. An additional expense to the business and possibly could shut down the kitchen for a period of time while the issue is being repaired. The easiest way to stop flooding? Prevention with Made To Drain. 

How Made To Drain Products Help

By creating products that help foodservice businesses keep food off of the floor and out of sinks, Made To Drain helps improve the safety and sanitation of the entire kitchen. Here's how: 

Drain Pans

Protect porous floor tiles and grouted seams with drain pans. Intended to be used under ice machines, braising pans, and other equipment, Made To Drain's drain pans eliminate free standing water and give a seamless seal under whatever it's placed underneath. 


Eliminating clogged drains, Clog-Free prevents calls for service, trough overflow, and leaks that occur from water backup. By reducing the amount of sediment that gets into grease traps, maintenance is extended, slips and falls are minimized, and grease traps work better. 

Floor Troughs

Complimenting the Clog-Free line, Made To Drain floor troughs offer a non-slip, anti-fatigue grated system that gives a safe working area while also allowing water and liquids to drain instead of pooling. 

Need a little extra protection? Anti-splash floor Troughs are pitched one inch on each end to direct liquids and also have a 60-degree bend that prevents liquids from splashing up. And the removable grates can be cleaned in dish machines. 

Leak Eliminator 

For those floor trough installs that are above-grade, the leak eliminator is designed with weep holes that let liquids flow into the building's drain lines, preventing accumulation and leakage into spaces below the kitchen. 

Find out more about how Made To Drain helps save your business labor time and money - click below for a free foodservice assessment with our expert team members. 

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