New Manufacturer Announcement: Citrus America

Here at Total Source, we pride ourselves on representing the best food and equipment in the industry. That tradition continues as we welcome a new brand to our line card, Citrus America.

Founded in 2010 by Brian Framson, Citrus America offers the highest quality juicing equipment on the market. The exclusive distributor in North America for Citrocasa, the knowledge and expertise Citrus America brings to the automated juicer industry helps bakeries, hotels, bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and any location that wants to provide guests with fresh, healthy squeezed juices. 

Benefits Of Fresh-Squeezed Juice

There are many benefits to using fresh-squeezed juices. A good way to get vitamins and nutrients, citrus juices contain plenty of vitamin C, folates, potassium, and magnesium. And nutrition and fresh taste aren't the only positives of providing juice from Citrus America.

Having a successful juicing program not only gives guests pleasure it also helps your business' bottom line. By helping with customer satisfaction and providing a healthy option that can be served as is or incorporated into menu items, repeat business will be generated, helping to increase sales and profits. 

How To Use Fresh Juice

Using freshly squeezed juice can benefit a variety of foodservice industries. Fresh lime and lemon juice can be used to make ceviche. Fresh orange juice is perfect for serving straight,  making mimosas, or even creating other fun drinks. 

GardenBarPHX - Citrus America12

Our team was lucky enough to visit Garden Bar PHX, where they created signature drinks using a Citrus America juicer. Having fresh-squeezed juice in the cocktails really brought the flavors out and make the drinks unique. And it's a simple process done at the push of a button, without staff having to physically extract the juice. 

GardenBarPHX - Citrus America10

By showcasing the fresh juice throughout a restaurant/bar menu or having a juicer that allows customers to dispense their own juice at the touch of a button, businesses can set themselves apart from the competition and offer a unique product that excites guests across multiple market segments. 

Find out more about how Citrus America can help your business stand above the rest - click below to get a free foodservice assessment with our expert team members and chefs. 

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