Maximize the Demand for Grab-n-Go

In foodservice, customer expectations are higher than they've ever been. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people look at the foodservice industry, and convenience is more important than ever before. Even though many people are returning to the dining room in restaurants, many still prefer grab-and-go options. Now, brands can take advantage of this market opportunity to boost their profit margins and grow their businesses in just about any type of operation.

What's Driving the Grab-n-Go Containers Market?

There are several reasons why the grab-and-go market has become so important. The biggest reason is that many people are busier than they ever were in the past. A lot of people are returning to the office for the first time, and many of them want the opportunity to grab something quickly on the way to work or during the course of the day.

In addition, many people are used to the opportunity to purchase a meal just about anywhere. From hotel lobbies to coffee shops, many types of foodservice operations are now providing grab-and-go options, increasing customer expectations.

As a result, foodservice companies that want to remain profitable need to take advantage of the grab-and-go trend. By providing people with an opportunity to grab a meal or drink quickly, they can open up a new revenue stream that can position them for success in a competitive market.

Grab-n-Go by the Numbers

At first, a lot of people believed that the grab-and-go market during the pandemic was just a temporary trend; however, the numbers indicate that this is a trend that is here to stay. For example, customers are more likely to choose a business that provides a safe grab-and-go option. This is particularly important when customers are interested in lunch or dinner.

The numbers indicate that more than 27 percent of grab-and-go visits take place in the evening, while 21 percent take place in the morning. Grab-and-go visits are up more than 3.4 percent, indicating that even though customers are returning to restaurant dining rooms, grab-and-go is an industry that is here to stay. People spend more time at home, which means they are closer to the local community. This makes it more convenient for them to purchase grab-and-go items from a local store. 

How to Start a Grab-n-Go Program

Businesses need to find ways to diversify their revenue streams, and one option is to start a grab-and-go operation. There are several tips businesses can follow to take advantage of this opportunity.

For example, businesses should consider setting up display cabinets to increase impulse sales. When someone enters the store for a grab-and-go purchase, they want to purchase something immediately. Their time is important, and they want to get in and out as quickly as possible. By using display cases by GTI, it is possible to grab visitors' attention as quickly as possible. Then, by spotlighting grab-and-go options, businesses can encourage someone to purchase a food or drink item from that display case. These display cases come in many shapes and sizes, so they can be customized to meet the needs of the business.

It is also critical for businesses to offer treats that come in smaller serving sizes. For example, Bimbos little bites can be a great complement to just about any meal. Remember that there are lots of people who will stop in on the way to the office. They may want to purchase something for their colleagues, supervisors, and employees, so offering treats with smaller serving sizes can make it easier for them to do so. By following these tips, businesses can start a profitable grab-and-go operation. 

Curious about which grab-n-go items would work best for your business? Click below to request samples from our brands to get started. 

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