Elevating Pizza-Making to New Heights with PizzaMaster®

When it comes to an all-in-one meal, nothing really beats pizza. Pizza is a $160 billion industry worldwide, with the U.S. generating around $46.8 billion. Even restaurants that offer other dishes along with pizza can get their share of the pie, thanks to versatile pizza-deck ovens from PizzaMaster. 

Whether an operator is looking to open a new pizzeria or add pies to an existing menu in a busy restaurant on a busy day, oven capacity is a major key to your success. PizzaMaster electric deck ovens are powerful, reliable, and deployable in virtually any space. 

Total Source Foodservice Introduces PizzaMaster: Elevate Your Pizza Business

One of the biggest challenges pizzerias face is the ability to bake multiple pies simultaneously for customers. During peak ordering times, having a stacked deck pizza oven can make or break a restaurant's bottom line. Unlike traditional gas-fired ovens, the PizzaMaster oven will fit almost any width and can have anywhere from one to five decks to allow your kitchen to maximize capacity and production in your available space. And all standard PizzaMaster models are available in widths to accommodate two to four stones per deck, which means you can load up the oven and bake up to forty pies all at once!

Best of all, these high-temperature deck ovens can reach 932ºF/500ºC with superior heat recovery to deliver higher capacity output during peak times. The ovens have distinct heat zones with elements that ensure full coverage from front to back, top to bottom, and left to right. The whole oven performs consistently with no cold spots, giving you a consistent bake without needing to rotate the pizzas as you would from a traditional gas, wood, or coal-fired oven.

From Classic to Creative: Unlocking New Pizza Possibilities with Electric Deck Ovens

You may think of PizzaMaster as ‘just pizza ovens,’ but in fact, they are multi-purpose stone hearth deck ovens that can do so much more!

We know how important it is for a restaurant with limited space to fully use the potential of its equipment. We like PizzaMaster because they designed an oven to combine convenience and flexibility with performance and capacity like no other. The ovens are designed for the perfect pizza but also for baking, toasting, and roasting various foods including pizza, pasta, bread and pastries, high-temperature dishes, vegetables, fish, chicken, and meat. We are continuously experimenting to deepen our knowledge of different international dishes that the ovens may be used for. 

Anything you make in a PizzaMaster has a traditional old-world bake result. Each deck of the PizzaMaster oven is independently powered and controlled. This allows you to bake, toast, and roast on separate decks to make a variety of products all at once. For example, you can bake pizza, reheat a slice, bake pasta, roast vegetables or proteins, cook meatballs, and more -- all in the same oven! Total Source Foodservice would love to show you what the PizzaMaster can do!

Your kitchen is unique, and you deserve an oven that fits your exact needs. Our Total Source Equipment team works with specifiers and designers to ensure each unique kitchen is laid out in the best possible way or to fit the right PizzaMaster model within an existing footprint. CAD and Revit Blocks are available to design the oven you desire and determine the right model for your space.

The PizzaMaster 700 series is optimized for pizzas up to 14 inches with individual stone dimensions of 14 by 28 inches. The 800 series is optimized for pizzas up to 16 inches with individual stone dimensions of 16 by 32 inches. And the 900 series is optimized for pizzas up to 18 inches with individual stone dimensions of 18 by 36 inches. PizzaMaster has a model that is the right size for you, no matter the footprint.

This flexibility allows chefs and operators to develop unique combinations and tastes beyond pepperoni and cheese pizzas. Now, artisan pizza is much more attainable, including traditional Neopolitan baked at 750ºF to veggie-based pies. Even restaurants that sell other menu options can utilize a deck oven to create gourmet dishes.  

Space-Saving Solutions: Elevate Your Kitchen with PizzaMaster Countertop Pizza Ovens

The main challenge of making pizza in a traditional oven is that it requires a lot of infrastructure, including ductwork and space. Countertop deck pizza ovens from PizzaMaster alleviate this problem by offering countertop cooking options. Even in a crowded kitchen, an operator can deploy a compact deck oven and expand the menu without spending a fortune on revamping the entire layout. PizzaMaster countertops are built with your pizza shop in mind, featuring a proper hearthstone, ventless UL EPH Classified, high-temperature capability of 752ºF, uniform heat distribution, responsive heat controls, easy loading, quick recovery, and good visibility, just like the full-size models.

The PizzaMaster Difference

With a name like PizzaMaster, this company has to offer some incredible machines and benefits. Fortunately, PizzaMaster electric deck ovens lead the industry with innovative features and benefits that help operators boost their bottom line. 

For example, PizzaMaster sells the largest electric deck oven range in the world with 85 sizes and 1,500 models, enabling restaurants to bake more pies in less time without going broke from utility bills. For commercial kitchens, increasing efficiency means increased profit.  PizzaMaster designed a high-quality electric deck oven to help your kitchen increase profit with its versatility, capacity, and efficiency. This video shares some of the features that make PizzaMaster ovens the masters of efficiency.


The ovens come standard with a turbo start feature that allows you to efficiently reach temperature in just 30 minutes. Once your set temperature is reached, an average of 35% of the maximum power draw is used. You won’t have to leave the oven running idle overnight, which is common with many gas ovens and can dramatically reduce your operating costs. In addition, each deck of the PizzaMaster oven is independently powered and controlled, giving you the flexibility to power just the decks you need at any given time.

Electric cooking is becoming far more prevalent in commercial kitchens, thanks to easy deployment and the concern over gas stove bans in the future. 

We would love to show you what the PizzaMaster can do! If you’re looking to elevate your pizza-making to new heights with a versatile oven that literally can cook anything, giving you more value for your investment, contact Total Source today to get started.

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