4 Foods to Kick-Start Your New Year

While many people are looking to reverse some of their holiday dining habits over the next few weeks, the Total Source team takes a different approach. We certainly advocate for eating healthy, but we also advocate for eating tasty. The good news is those things don't always have to be in conflict.

Here are four different foods to consider as you ramp up your 2022 menus and services offerings. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


There are few things as decadent as duck from Maple Leaf Farms, and delivering great duck is easier than you think. The trick to cooking duck breasts is to score the fat in quarter-inch intervals, allowing it to render much quicker. This creates a better-cooked breast.

Equipment needs: Range ovens are the ideal equipment units for cooking duck. Dutch ovens are also a great way for slow-cooking duck.




Chicken is America's favorite meat, with consumption levels at all-time highs. Foster Farms provides an entire range of fresh chicken products that can fill your favorite recipes, including one of our favorites, this braised chicken on sweet onion and grape hash.

Equipment needs: Like duck- range ovens and Dutch ovens are ideal for cooking chicken in a variety of methods.


battered cauliflowerStart off any meal the right way with a great selection of appetizers. Total Source is proud to offer any meal with appetizers like battered cauliflower from Ajinomoto, charcuterie and cheese selections from Atalanta, and duck appetizers from Maple Leaf Farms.

Equipment needs: Equipment used to produce high-quality appetizers can including fryers, holding and warming equipment, and serving equipment.



Who doesn't like sweet things? Whole Earth Sweeteners provides a complete portfolio of sweeteners that provide the great flavors you're looking for without all the calories. Check out the benefits of stevia and monk fruit as sugar alternatives for a healthier New Year.

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