How Resort Food Can Impact Guests' Vacations

There are many things that entice people to travel. They may be interested in seeing different parts of the country and having different experiences. For others, it is all about the food. There are people that decide where they are going to vacation based solely on the food. All-you-can-eat options are what drives many people to cruises and resorts.

Vacations Are Changing 

A lot changed in 2020, and for better or worse, it made some permanent shifts in people's wants and needs. No one can deny the impact COVID had on travel and dining. Today, travelers expect to access their food through self-service options. This could mean no or low contact delivery, order ahead services, or grab-and-go options. Despite an uptick in contact-less dining experiences, there are still people that want to sit down in a restaurant just like they did before the start of the pandemic. Hotels and resorts are working hard to meet those demands with less staff and more stringent cleaning processes.

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In addition to these foodservice changes, the travel industry has also changed significantly. Travelers are finding ways to merge personal and business travel, forcing hotels that may have catered to business professionals to expand their offerings to individuals more focused on leisure. 

Don't Skimp on The Breakfast Offering 

While hotels and resorts may offer breakfast, many do a fair job serving it. Guests typically want more. They want more options, including freshly squeezed juice, creative egg dishes, and a variety of baked goods. Sometimes, breakfast is the last point of contact a hotel or resort will have with a guest before checking out. While cost is essential, so is adding items that guests want. They are looking for more self-service options, like being able to squeeze their own juice. They want items that are already fresh, hot, and ready to go when they enter the lobby dining room.

Outdoor Dining Options are Increasing 

Another change that the pandemic brought us was a push for outdoor dining. Many people feel safer being outside than in. In fact, many people are now willing to eat outside even in less than ideal weather. This has prompted hotels, restaurants, and resorts to expand their foodservice options to create a full outdoor experience. Restaurants are now getting creative with outdoor seating, tents and other shelters, heaters, patios, and poolside bars.

Menu Trends

Many new food trends are popping up as people feel more inclined to venture out into the world. There has been an uptick of events such as weddings and birthday parties that had been put on hold. In addition, people are looking for local, regional, and ethnic cuisines. They want transparency about ingredients and sourcing. About 54% of people asked are interested in the health of their food. Even if they are not focused on a specific type of diet, they want to ensure their food is fresh and healthy. Guests are keenly aware of where their food comes from, and farm-to-table and sustainable food ranks high. People are becoming more aware of the food they eat, from appetizers to chicken and everything in between. If resorts and hotels want to attract guests, they must focus on more sustainable menu options.

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