Prepare for an Uptick in the Wedding Catering Business

After a few years of uncertainty and modifications, the wedding industry is poised to experience a growth spurt, as predictions show a total of 2.6 million weddings in 2022, more than any year since 1984. A wide range of businesses will be impacted by the surge in weddings, from florists to caterers. For those in the catering industry, it's important to stay on top of some of the current trends.

It's time to explore.

Now that everyone is emerging from two long years of being at home more than we're used to, people -- and their taste buds -- are ready to explore. People are looking for different flavors that are bold and authentic. For the dishes and flavors people are used to seeing, consider tweaking them in interesting ways.

Don't forget the drinks.

Great cocktails can make or break an event, especially at a wedding. Many weddings will have a signature cocktail that provides an extra layer of meaning to the event. Do the newlyweds have an Italian greyhound? Consider making that the signature cocktail. Zero proof cocktails are also enormously popular, as well.

Service is important in more ways than one.

Don't forget. We're emerging from a global pandemic, so there will certainly be guests who are more safety conscious than they were three years ago. At the same time, people are looking for creativity, for things to make them smile and have fun. The caterers who can walk the line between the two are poised to provide great experiences.

Ideas for Delivering Great Catering Service at This Summer's Weddings

Great service requires a combination of great ingredients, the tools for processing and delivering those ingredients, and great people who will tie everything together. While we can't help caterers with finding great staff, we can suggest a few ideas to help deliver some of the trends discussed above.

Mobile bars delivery efficiency and profit.

Weddings often take place in several micro-locations within a larger facility. While the cocktail hour might take place poolside, the late-night band would be more likely to play in the ballroom. Moving the point of service around is a great way to increase efficiency, enhance the guest experience, and for cash bar operations, increase profits. 

The Perlick mobile bar solutions are ideal for moving cocktail and beverage service from point A to point B.

Serve memorable foods that are also easy to serve.

Guests want delicious food, but operators want delicious food that's easy to serve.  Hors d'oeuvres are a great to delivery quality while using less labor. There are traditional center-of-the-plate items that should be included, too, of course. From fresh seafood to ever-popular duck dishes, it's easier than ever for caterers to deliver fine-dining quality in a more portable style.

The cooking process sets the tone.

Before food even makes it to the table, it has to start somewhere. Equipment that can deliver benefits to wedding caters should be considered. For example, for versatility that doesn't require consistent staff oversight, combi ovens can provide a wide range of automated cooking processes. For events where back-of-the-house cooking is moved to a more theater-style cooking environment, using action stations and serving carts can be key.

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