Introducing the New Total Source Website and Digital Marketing Efforts


If there’s one thing we’re proud of here at Total Source, it’s our name. More than any other foodservice equipment and supplies manufacturers’ representative, and more than any other food brokerage, we aim to be exactly what our name says -- a total source.

The last year has given us all time to reflect, and we did the same thing here inside our company. We asked ourselves, how can we get better? How can we help our customers become better at what they do? How can we help educate them on the things that will make their operations easier and more profitable?

“For us, the answers to these questions began with our website,” said Total Source president and CEO, Terry Hughner. “We wanted to make a change to better serve the needs of our customers.”



As you’ll see throughout the pages of this new website, we’re making a big effort to show you, not what we’re capable of doing, but what you, our customers, are capable of. Through our new blog, news and events, video demonstrations, and more, we’re going to help answer all the questions you might have about running your foodservice business efficiently and profitably. And if there are any questions we didn’t get to yet, we encourage you to ask us!

It’s also important for us not to just send you information. It’s important to send you the information you care the most about. If you’re running a high school cafeteria in Tucson, for example, it probably doesn’t make sense for us to send you a blog post on how to make your casino bar more efficient. Or, who knows, maybe it does? Either way, we don’t want to be the ones telling you what you want to read or force-feeding you content you don’t care about. We want to be there to help you.

That’s why we’re going to ask you a quick, easy favor. Please take 30 seconds to fill out the form below, and tell us what matters the most to you. If you can do that for us, we’ll promise to do our best to only send you the type of content you care about. 

Choose from our menu of information. Let us know what content you'd like to receive. Click below to get started.

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