Perlick's Mobile Bar Trend Shaking Up Wedding Industry Standards

Happily engaged couples are increasingly looking for unique and personalized experiences for their wedding receptions. For operators like hotels, resorts, golf clubs, and the caterers who work with them, there are many challenges to overcome when meeting these expectations.

One way to increase guest satisfaction at weddings is to provide seamless service. This often involves a bar and beverage program that's easily accessible, without long waits and staggering crowds.

The Evolution of Wedding Bar Experiences

In the past, bar service at weddings typically involved a stationary bar that was set up in a specific location, such as a corner of the reception hall or a separate room. Guests would have to go to the bar to order their drinks, which could lead to long lines and a lack of mobility (and dancing).

Modern-day couples seek a wedding day (or days!) that are out of the ordinary and not already commonly seen by their family, friends, or social media audiences. Since many weddings are extremely expensive and elaborate, hotels and catering companies should employ meticulous planning and execution processes. Hotels and caterers have a tremendous opportunity to showcase the skills of their culinary and bar teams. 


To stand out in a noisy marketplace, hospitality teams need to successfully provide top-notch service, exquisite food, and stunning decor as just the apéritif. A financially successful wedding season can help establish a hospitality business’ reputation for excellence and lead to repeat business and referrals.


The importance of providing more personally catered cocktail hours is clear with the rise of requests for a traveling beverage station. In addition to location versatility, mobile bar solutions offer a range of drink options, from classic cocktails to craft beers and wines. So whether the required wedding attire is black tie or bohemian, mobile bars give bartenders the ability to satisfy any taste bud. 

Mobile bars can be designed to match the look of any event or company brand in various ways. Implement a particular color scheme, and select from vinyl wraps or specific paint to match the requested vibes. For example, a rustic wooden bar for a country-themed event or a sleek and modern bar for a corporate event is easy to achieve when using an innovative mobile bar. Ideal options should include custom graphics or branding, such as logos or slogans printed on the surface. Additional lighting and decorative elements, such as flowers or props, can also be used to enhance the overall bar experience for any wedding.



One of the most popular draws to mobile bar options is their versatility. Hotels can specifically benefit from a mobile bar program because hotel guests and visitors can purchase drinks and snacks throughout the day rather than waiting for a full menu to be offered or calling room service. A mobile program fosters a more social atmosphere in lobbies or poolside so guests are encouraged to relax and socialize. 

Mobile bars are a cost-effective solution for more than just hotels and catering companies. Corporate offices, sports stadiums, and country clubs all use mobile bars to increase beverage sales without adding labor or increasing utility bills. For example, mobile service bars provide new revenue to golf courses when foodservice teams are able to sell drinks and snacks wherever golfer’s carts are parked on the course. 

Help your staff quench the thirst of more customers with increased speed while increasing profits and offsetting operating costs. Learn more about mobile bars by scheduling a foodservice assessment with the bar experts at Total Source.

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